Next Full Moon Dates 2022: Is It Full Moon Tonight

full moon dates 2022

Dates of Full Moon 2022 UTC | EST | Australian Time

Are you searching for the full moon dates 2022 for all the months? This post gives all the next full moon 2022 dates in an orderly tabular form. Full moons nights are beautiful for mankind. They are inspirations for poets, writers, astronauts, and astrologers. The most illuminated phase of moon gives a full moon night once in a moon cycle of 28 days. You might also be interested in knowing all the different moon phases.

Full moon 2022 is the time when we are able to see moon as completely illuminated from our planet. However, the date and time of the full moon dates may differ as per location. Hence, we have given full moon date as per UTC timings as well Easter Timings. If you are in India or any other Asian country, you do not need to worry. Check the UTC timings and convert them into your time zone.

Full Moon 2022 Dates UTC

Here is a table showing full moon dates in different time zones. You will also see the exact time when the phenomenon will occur. The timings and dates are collected from various authorized sources available on web. Many festivals and rituals are observed on the important days like new moon and full moon. Our website also publishes the new moon calendar 2022. You will easily find it by browsing the categories available on our website. New moon is the opposite phase of the full moon. New moon night is the moonless night for the earth. It is known to be dark night and hence people avoid celebrating good events and new ventures on this day.

Next Full Moon 2022 Date


Date Time UTC

Full Moon Names

17th Jan 2022, Monday   11.48 PM Wolf Moon
16th Feb 2022, Wednesday    7.18 AM Snow Moon
18th March 2022, Friday    7.18 AM Worm Moon
16th April 2022, Saturday    7.55 PM Pink Moon
16th May 2022, Monday    5.14 AM Flower Moon
14th June 2022, Tuesday   12.51 PM Strawberry Moon
13th July 2022, Wednesday    7.38 PM Buck Moon
12th  Aug 2022, Friday    2.36 AM Sturgeon Moon
10h Sep 2022, Saturday  10.59 AM Corn Moon / Harvest moon
9th Oct 2022, Sunday   9.55 PM Hunters Moon
8th Nov 2022, Tuesday   11.02 AM Beaver Moon
8th Dec 2022, Thursday    4.08 AM Cold Moon


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Full Moon in Australia 2022 Dates and Time

Here are the details of all the date and time of the full moon as per Sydney timezone.

Next Full Moon 2022 Dates – Full Moon Calendar


Time EST

17th Jan 2022 6.48 PM
16th Feb 2022   11.57 PM
18th March 2022    3.17 AM
16th April 2022    2.55 PM
16th May 2022   12.14 AM
14th June 2022    7.52 AM
13th July 2022    2.37 PM
11th Aug 2022    9.36 PM
10th Sep 2022   5.59 AM
9th Oct 2022   4.55 PM
8th Nov 2022   6.02 AM
7th Dec 2022   11.08 PM

full moon dates 2022 australia sydney time

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The dates and time of the phase will differ in diferent timezones. You can convert the UTC time and date to your local timzone for higher accurancy. In fact, Earth is never able to seen the complete moon at a time. We only see one face of our satellite. However, this phase lets us see the moon in its total illuminated form. This hapens due to the revolution of the earth and moon on their orbit and around the sun and earth respecitvely. Keep following our blog to know next full moon dates of all the months of 2022.  You can also learn the meaning of different moon names on