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Learn Meanings of Black Moon Emoji

123nextfullmoon.com talks about everything that is related to moon. Hence, here we will take about the moon emoji. Even if you are looking for moon symbols not emoji, we have shared them here. Emoticons have beautifully occupied space in our day to day chats. Whether you want to say goodnight or want to please someone, full moon or crescent moon emoticon serves best. Well, there are various emoticons for moon including smiling moon, crescent, moon face emoji, and black moon symbol. Our blog also provides full moon calendar 2023.

Here are the different moon emojis as available in Android


Iphone Moon Emoji Symbols To Copy and Paste


Above are the moon emojis and symbols as in Iphones.

This post will tell you the meanings of all the moon emojis. You can also copy paste the symbols from our post. If you do not have all the emoticons in your phone or system, just pick the one you like. Copy it and simply paste them in your chats. Emoticons are very popular today among people of all ages. It is simple to convey your feelings through these graphical beauties.

You can also browse our website to know when is the next full moon.

Moon Emoji Copy and Paste

Find how moon emoji looks on different operating systems. You can simply pick the one you want and copy paste them.

moon emoji copy paste

Cresecent Moon Emoji is a popular emoji to wish goodnight to loved ones and friends when the night is not a full moon night.

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Learn what is moon festival.

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What Does The Moon Face Emoji Mean

Plain moon emoji and moon symbol emoji with face signify different meanings. Moon face emoticons and black moon emoticon signify different meanings in the chats. Normally, simple crescent moon symbol is used to wish good night to the person.

The new moon face emoji means rather creepy or naughty or dirty intention. Full moon face emoji reflects creepy or naughty in the chats.

You can also get hold of last quarter and first quarter moon emoji at emojipedia.com.

What Does the Moon on iPhone Mean

iPhone is studded with variety of icons and symbols. The crescent moon on iPhone is placed just beside text message option. If you see this symbol, it means that the Do Not Disturb option is not enabled for the conversation. Here, the meaning of DND is not blocking the messages. It just means that the messages will be received but without beep or notification sound.

Do you want to know how to remove this moon on your iPhone? . Disable the messages and you will no more see the black crescent moon emoji at the conversation thread.

Meaning of Black Moon Emoji

Black moon emoji is also known as new moon. The new moon is the phase when the moon completely disappears for us. Hence, it is black or dark. You can use our website for black moon emoji copy and paste.

The black moon icon generally means something creepy or naughty or dirty. This emoji is generally used by young friends to exchange creepy or flirty feeling. It is obvious for everyone to use emoticons. However, using them without knowing the meaning can be risky.

If you want to wish any one good night, use only crescent moon symbol. Do not use new moon or black moon emoji to wish good night to your friends. If you are in the midst of naughty chat with your friends, you can use yellow full moon emoticon or black moon. Hence, use the emoticons according to the nature of your relation with the person you are chatting. Also, the emojis should be used as per the nature of the talk you are having with the person.

There are emoticons for different phases of moon. You have full moon phase emoji, half moon or crescent, and new moon emoji. Blood moon emoticon is also introduced to reflect the blood moon phase of the moon. Keep following us to know more about our only satellite. You are sure to explore interesting facts and myths about moon.

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