When is the First Day of Fall 2023 USA Canada UK: Date and Time

first day of fall 2023

First Day of Autumn 2023 in Northern Hemisphere

The first day of fall 2023 timings and dates for different regions are shared in this post. As per EDT or Eastern Daylight Time, the season starts on 23rd September 2023, Saturday at 2.50 EDT AM. Though as per UTC timing, the first day of autumn sets on the same date at 6.50 UTC. The date may differ due to the time difference in some regions. As per IST, the first day of autumn season is on 23rd September 2021. Further, we have given detailed date and time of the 1st day of fall in different regions including Canada, UK, USA, and India. The season ends on 22nd December 2023, Friday. 123nextfullmoon also provides date and time of all the full moon 2023 and 2021.

Calculate the date and time of the first day of fall 2023 in your region as per the given details of major timings of the world. Fall equinoxes are the events that mark the beginning of the new season of autumn to continue till winter solstice. Enjoy our details on great fall facts and festivals, folklores on fall and how it occurs and when.  The transition of the season ends the summer’s heat and set the stage for cooler days in Northern Hemisphere and vice versa in Southern Hemisphere.

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When is the 1st Day of Fall 2023: Start of Autumn 2023

Find below the date and timings of the first day of fall 2023 in different regions [Northern Hemisphere – USA, Central America, Europe, Asia, partial Latin America and Africa]

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Fall Start in 2023 on below dates:

  • UTC: 23rd September 2023
  • EDT: 23rd September 2023
  • IST: 23rd September 2023 

The beginning of fall brings a host of new activities and festivals. The first days of all seasons are significant in terms of meteorological terms as well for harvesting. Especially, the 1st day of autumn is very importer for the harvesting and other crop related activities.

In Southern Hemisphere, the fall is observed in March, April and May. Fall is the season of autumn experienced between the summer and winter seasons and a starting time for cold weather. Natures change its hues to crispy pale, orange and red foliage from the lush green. Some wonderful festivals will be observed worldwide on or after the first day of autumn 2023. You will surely enjoy the info shared here for the fall festivals. When the Northern Hemisphere is having the fall 2023, the Southern Hemisphere witnesses first day of spring.

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Fall Festivals After First Day of Fall 2023

The fall season brings last days to enjoy outdoors before the chilled weather sets on. A host of fun-filled fall activities like apple picking and pumpkin show are followed during autumn. Here are some festivals observed during the autumn months:

  • Halloweens Day – The day celebrates spirits and replicates spirits with Jack-O-Lanterns hanging at doors and donning spookiest masks.
  • All Saints Day – The day in Christianity which remembers and offers prayers for passed away saints and beloved.
  • Moon Cake Festival – The festival of China, Vietnam and Taiwan which is also known as Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrated by feasting on moon cakes.
  • Sukkot – Major Jewish festival Sukkot is celebrated every year in fall.

The urban culture celebrates days like Thanksgiving Day, Halloweens Day, Cyber Monday and Black Friday during fall.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the main traditional festival and a public holiday in Mainland China and also in Taiwan and Korea as well as Vietnam. It is celebrated every year within 15 days of the fall equinox on the full moon night in September or October. According to the Chinese calendar, Mid-Autumn festival is observed on the 15th day of the 8th full moon of the year. The festival is celebrated by gathering of families and friends, praying and thanksgiving for the harvest. Mid-Autumn festival is popular by different names like Moon Cake festival, Moon Festival or Harvest Moon Festival, Lantern Festival, Reunion Festival and Reunion Festival. However, this festival does not fall on first day of fall but on the first full moon after the fall equinox 2023.

If you are interested to know the celebrations and customs linked to winter season too, check out our posts on winter solstice and the first day of winter 2023. The first day of fall 2023 will also be the day which will be equal in lengths of day and night. The day and night on the day of fall are exactly of the same duration i.e. 12 hours. We have updated striking information that you would love to know on astronomical events on equinoxes, solstices and beautiful customs followed to welcome the first days of all seasons. Refer to our similar posts on autumn equinox and the first day of autumn 2023 on our website.

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