Waning Gibbous: What is Waning Moon Phase

waning gibbous waning crescent

Waning Gibbous Moon

Learn everything about waning gibbous moon. 123nextfullmoon.com is dedicated to providing educational astronomical information about the moon. The nearest neighbor of the earth is the main interest for astronomers as well poets. It takes different shapes and illuminations for us. The meaning and name change for us.  To know all the different moon names, refer to our separate post for the same. Also, find out when is the next full moon date.

Waning gibbous moon phase is the phase when the illuminated part of the moon is shrinking. This happens a few days after the full moon phase. The waning moon rises soon after the sunset time. It sets in the early morning after sunrise. The waning moon phase occurs every month or every 29.5 days. Every lunar month notices a waning moon phase as well as waxing gibbous moon. The moon illumination is around 98% during the waning gibbous phase.


waning gibbous moon phase


Difference between Waning Crescent and Waning Gibbous

Here is the difference between waning crescent moon waning gibbous moon. The word crescent refers to the moon phase when it acquires lowest curved shape. It is less than half illumination phase. But the waning gibbous means the phase when the moon is more than the half illuminated. Waning gibbous phase occurs immediately after the full moon. Whereas waning crescent occurs after the half circle or last quarter phase of the moon.

Hence, the waning gibbous moon happens after the moon starts decreasing from full circle. Waning crescent happens when the moon takes a crescent shape just before the new moon.

Waning Crescent and Waxing Crescent

Many might get confused between these two phases of the moon that rhyme very well. Though both the phases see the moon in crescent shape, both are different stages of the moon cycle.

Waxing crescent is the stage that appears immediately after the new moon. Waning crescent is the stage that appears right before the new moon stage is fulfilled. As the new moon starts appearing, it takes crescent shape in the initial days. Gradually it reaches half circle and later on decreases to crescent shape once again. Moon acquires crescent shape twice in the moon cycle.

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waning gibbous waning crescent


Waning Gibbous Moon Meaning

Moon is the celestial object that is often associated with human behavior as well. As the moon recedes and proceeds, it is also considered impacting the human life. Astronomers also believe that it affects animals as well. According to astronomers, as the moon starts taking a full circle, the human mind get more aggravated. The activities and behavior get more encouraging. Many parents of autistic and ADHD children notice high aggression in their children‛s behavior.

As the moon starts taking new form once again after the new moon, it is the best time to start new ventures. The day of the new moon when the moon is not visible or fully shadowed is not auspicious for many. Many scholars do not perform any good and important tasks on the new moon. The new moon is also considered as ill-ominous. It is considered a high time for evil spirits in the world.

However, these are the traditions and ancient beliefs and we do not boost superstition. Yet full moon is a festive time for the earth due to the highest illumination. Earth receives the highest illumination from the moon when it is full. Darkness is always associated with bad and brightness is with good deeds.

It is good to learn about the moon as it is the nearest object of the earth. It is a vast subject for astronomy and astrology. Research and study are positive and it can help in solving many problems. However, living with superstition is not what we will recommend. Knowledge of moon phases including waning gibbous is important. It can help in tracking the lunar calendar dates as well. Many countries like India, Brazil, China, and others use a lunar calendar. Many rituals and festivals are based on the different moon phases. Ger more information on moon phases on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_phase.

Keep following us to know more about waning gibbous, waxing gibbous, and other phases. Our portal is created purely to provide information on the moon. We do not encourage and promote any myth and beliefs associated with the moon. We would love to know if there are any positive belief and festival in your culture related to stages of moon cycle.

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