When is The Next New Moon 2020 | 2021 New Moon Calendar Schedule

when is the next new moon 2020 2021

Date and Time of New Moon Phase Different Time Zones

Do you want to know when is the next new moon 2020? We have shared a complete new moon schedule for the year 2020 and 2021. Whether you are in India or USA or in the UK; find out when is the next new moon this month. Likewise full moon dates, dates of the new moon are also important in the lunar calendar. The new moon phase is the very first phase of all the moon phases. This is the stage of the moon when the moon and the sun are in the same ecliptic line.

The new moon is the phase when we are not able to see the moon from earth. After the new moon happens, we start seeing the new moon 2020 in a very thin crescent shape. The new moon day is very important in astronomical terms. Astrologers worldwide also consider the new moon date for many rituals. This post shares all the new moon dates to appear in the year 2020. The post also contains new moon 2021 dates for ready reference.

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With this information at your fingertips, you do not need to think when is the next new moon in India or in the UK. Find the full list of new moon calendar as per UTC timings to know if it is new moon today.

New Moon Calendar 2020 – Is It New Moon Tonight

Find here the full list of the new moons appearing during the year 2020. New moon 2021 list is also shared in the next section.

New Moon 2020 Full List Calendar

New Moon Schedule Day of new moon phase New Moon time as per UTC New Moon Time Time as per IST India Timings
25th January 2020 Saturday 21.44 03.12
23h February 2020 Sunday 15.33 21.02
24th March 2020 Tuesday 09.29 14.58
23th April 2020 Thursday 02.25 07.55
22 May 2020                 Friday 17.38 23.08
19h June 2020 Friday 06.41 12.11
20 July 2020 Monday 05.32 23.02
19th August 2020 Friday 02.41 08.11
17th September 2020 Thursday 11.00 16.30
17th October 2020 Saturday 19.31 01.01
15th November 2020 Sunday 05.07 10.37
14th December 2020 Monday 16.16 21.46


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New Moon Calendar 2021 Dates in India | UTC

Here we have shared all the new moon dates for the year 2020. Learn when is the new moon December, new moon September, October, August, July, and all the other months. We have shared the timings as per UTC as well as USA and Indian times.

New Moon 2021


New Moon Date UTC Timings Indian Timings IST


13th January 2021, Wed 05.02 AM 10.32 AM
11th February 2021, Thu 07.08 PM  
12th February 2021, Fri   12.38 AM
13th March 2021, Sat 10.23 AM 03.53 PM
12th April 2021, Mon 02.32 AM 08.02 AM
12th May 2021, Wed 07.01 PM 12.31 AM
10th June 2021, Thu 10.54 AM 04.24 PM
10th July 2021, Sat 01.17 AM 06.47 AM
8th August 2021, Sat 01.50 PM 07.20 PM
7th September 2021, Tue 12.52 AM 06.22 AM
6th October 2021, Wed 11.05 AM 04.35 PM
4th November 2021, Thu 09.15 PM  
5th November 2021, Fri   02.45 AM
4th December 2021, Sat 07.43 AM 01.14 PM


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When is Next New Moon UK

If you want to know the timings and date of the new moon, it is quite simple. Refer to our new moon calendars 2020 and 2021 as per UTC timings. The United Kingdom uses GMT or Greenwich Mean Time or UTC which means Universal Coordinated Time. UTC time was earlier known as GMT time used by the United Kingdom. The country also uses British Summer Time which is UTC + 1.00. These timings are also known as the Western European Summer Time. Since, we have already given the UTC time new moon 2020 calendar; it is the same as UK time.

In order to know the new moon dates of Australia and Canada, convert the UTC or UK time or IST to your local time zone. We are sure the above calendar will help you to know when is the next new moon in your region. Keep following us to know when is the next full moon and blue moon. 123nextfullmoon.com shares interesting information related all the moon phases including crescent, new moon, first quarter, full moon, blue moon, waning, and waxing gibbous. We are sure you liked the information shared in when is the next new moon schedule article. Also, visit us to know when is the full moon this month.

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