When is The Next Blue Moon 2023 and How it Happens

blue moon 2023

August Blue Moon 2023 Date

Do you want to know when is the next blue moon or is there a blue moon this year? It falls on 31st August 2023, 1.35 UTC time. Blue moon happens when an additional full moon appears in a single month. It simply means having two full moons in one calendar month. The year 2023 will see a blue moon in the month of August. It is also the superfull moon. 123nextfullmoon.com also offers all the dates of the full moons and new moons during the year.

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The last blue moon was seen in the year 2020 and 2016. 31st October 2020 was the last blue moon we saw and the next is August 2023. After the year 2023, the same thing will happen in the month of May 2024. This post offers the full list of all the when is the next blue moon dates and timings. We have also shared the dates of the first full moon of the month along with the blue moon dates. As the name suggests, the blue moon does not appear blue in a literal sense. It is simply called blue to differentiate it from the first full moon of the same month.

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when is the next blue moon

Blue Moon Calendar 2023 – 2024 – 2026

Here is a full blue moon calendar for all the coming years including 31st August 2023. You can also learn more about August full moon in details.

Seasonal Full Moons                  Blue Moons

1st August 2023

31st August 2023
1st May 2026 31st May 2026
2nd December 2028 31st December 2028
1st September 2031 30th September 2031

What is Blue Moon – Meaning and Occurrences

The 12 months are divided into a set of three months according to different seasons. Every season has three full moons. If any season witnesses four full moons, the third full moon is known as a blue moon. It has nothing to do with the blue colour except that it is shown blue in the pictures across the internet and media.

The above blue moon calendar clearly Occurrences that this astrological episode is all about having two full moons in a single month. Usually, every month has only one full moon and the blue moon thing happens only once in two or three years. Blue moon 2023 dates are shown above to inform you the very next twin full moons. Due to their occurrences in different seasons like summer, winter, and autumn, they are also known as a seasonal blue moon.

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Significance of Blue Moon – Scientific and Spiritual

The scientific and blue moon meaning spirituality will help you understand the aspect from different perspectives. We do not promote any kind of superstitions involved with the different phases of the moon. The information we share here is only for the purpose of knowledge. Hence, we recommend our readers to believe in the scientific meanings of the moon phases.

There are many traditions and beliefs associated with the occurrence of the two full moons or second full moon in a month. You must have definitely heard the popular saying that says once in a blue moon. When something happens very rarely, it is called happening as once in a blue moon. The reason is clear that blue moon happens rarely i.e. once in a gap of two or three years.

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Science Behind the Blue Moon

As per the lunar calendar, a month comprises 28 days. Every month of the lunar calendar has one full moon which makes 12 full moons in a year. However, when the calendar year is of 365 days, some years get 13 full moons and not 12.

Now the term blue moon is used to specify an extra full in a month or in a season. But originally, the term was first used to specify the lunar bonus. Many pagans associate it with some kind of magical impact on human beings. It is often connected with high intuitive powers and astrological significance. However, astronomically it is a big event for the earth being a lunar bonus. An extra full moon appearance is considered extra joy and extra festivity for the earth. We will be talking in details about the equinoxes and the solstices in our separate posts. Till then, we are sure you will enjoy the information shared in when is the next blue moon and new moon 2023 calendar.

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When is The Next Blue Moon Dates

The next blue moon appears only once in 2.5 years as it is the additional full moon of the season or month. If you wish to know when the full moon will appear this month, this is the right place. We have shared all the full moon dates and new moon calendar for the year 2023.

Full moon is a matter of joy for the earth. The moon is linked with our traditions, festivals, and beliefs. Whether it has any astrological and spiritual importance is altogether a different subject. However, it is indeed a great night for our planet as we enjoy the full beautify of this beautiful neighbor nearest to the earth. When is the next blue moon, full moon, and new moon is a favorite subject of the astrologers as well as scientists.

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Keep visiting us to know all the full moon and new moon dates for the whole year. The celestial events are important astronomical aspects and we do not encourage any superstitions. The information is provided for information about the lunar calendars and full moon festivals. We are sure you would love this post on when is the next blue moon.

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