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full moon schedule 2021

All Full Moon Phases January to December

The full moon schedule for the year 2021 are shared here for ready reference. If you are looking for the full moon dates and want to know if it is moon tonight, stay here. A full moon 2021 is a lunar phase when the moon appears in a full illuminated mode from or planet. This phase happens when the Earth is between the moon and the sun. This phase is when the ecliptic longitudes of these two celestial objects vary by 180 degrees. Here we have shared a full moon calendar 2021.

We know the significance of the full moon phase in various cultures across the world. Many countries and cultures in the world follow the lunar calendar. Some of the most famous cultures following the lunar calendar are Chinese, Indian, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Middle East countries. Even the ancient calendar of Hebrew also follows lunar phases. Hence, we have shared a full moon schedule for the next two years.

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full moon schedule 2021

Complete List of Full Moon Schedule 2021

The precise time interval between the two full moons is around 29.53 days. Hence, a full moon arrives once in 28 or 29 days. The moon cycle goes on and brings different eight phases of the moon. The completely illuminated phase falls mostly on the 15th day of the month. A month as per a lunar calendar is of 29 days or 30 days. The full moon schedule is the date of the lunar phase when the moon will appear full from our planet.

Full Moon Schedule 2021 Dates Time as per UTC Timings
29th January 2021, Friday 12.48 AM
27th February 2021, Saturday 1.49 PM
29th March 2021, Monday 12.20 AM
27th April 2021, Tuesday 9.30 AM
26th May 2021, Wednesday 4.44 PM
25th June 2021, Friday 12.10 AM
24th July 2021, Saturday 08.07 AM
22nd August 2021, Sunday 5.32 PM
21st September 2021, Tuesday 5.24 AM
20th October 2021, Wednesday 8.27 PM
2.29 PM
19th November 2021, Friday 10.07 AM
19th December 2021, Sunday 3.30 AM

The above calendar will help you to know what is the moon schedule today. Our website also provides new moon calendar and dates of the blue moon. Whether you want to know the full moon dates or new moon dates, do follow us and browse our website. We are sure this full moon schedule will serve you in the best way whenever you want to know the date of the full moon phase.

April 2021 Full Moon Details

The month of April will bring a beautiful pink moon which will occur on 8th April 2021. This moon shines brightly in a clear sky. However, the colour pink does not suggest the colour of the moon that happens in the April full moon day. The pink moon name is given due to a specific pink coloured flower which is very common to bloom in North America. The spring season is known to bring colourful flowers. The April full moon is also known as the Egg Moon and the Fish moon in many regions.

April is an important month when festivals like Passover Feast and Easter are celebrated. The date of the Easter festival Moon as per the full moon. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal or spring equinox.  We have provided more information on different moon names through a separate post.

Full Moon Schedule in June 2021

The full moon June is popularly known as strawberry moon due to the harvesting of strawberry in this season. In the year 2021, the full moon falls on the 25th of June 2021, Friday. The day is also important for farmers. The strawberries ripe during the month of June and hence it is known as the strawberry moon. However, in many European regions it is also known as Hot Moon or Rose Moon. The month also marks the onset of the summer in many regions and hence it is known as Hot Moon.

There is yet another interesting thing about the Full moon June month. After every 20 years, the strawberry moon happens alongside the summer solstice. The date is not the same but varies between 20th June or 21st or 22nd June.

Full Moon 2021 July

The full moon phase in a different month or in the different seasons is given special names. The moon names vary region to region like in Europe and North America. The full moon falling in the month of July is known as Thunder Moon.

The month of July is frequented by thunderstorms and hence it is known as thunder moon. Other popular names for the July full moon are Buck moon, Old moon, and Hay moon. Most of the moon names are derived from the nicknames given by the Native culture in America.

Full Moon 2021 Schedule for December

December is a month of special significance due to winter solstice, Christmas vacations, and chilled winters. Apparently, the full moon in the month of December is known as Cold moon. In the year 2021, the December full moon will appear on 19th December. This full moon is also known as full long nights moon in the northern hemisphere due to the longest night happening in the winter solstice.

Full moon tracker is searched by many people who follow the lunar calendar. 123nextfullmoon has attempted to provide every detailed information about the full moon 2021 and new moon phases. We will be soon uploading the full moon schedule 2022 on our website through the separate post.

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