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When Is Supermoon 2023 From January to December

Do you want to know when is the next supermoon? And how many full moon supermoon are there in 2023? The post provides a full list of all the full and new supermoons occurring from January to December. The supermoon is a popular name given to the perigean full moon. Super moons are either full moons or new moons that closely coincide with the orbit of the moon nearest to the earth. This is also known and perigee. Hence this moon is known and perigean new moon or perigean full moon.

We have provided a complete list of all the supermoons and full moon 2023 that will occur during the entire year. This form of the moon is significant for the astronomers and astrologers. It has always been a topic of interest for the scientists as well. A supermoon happens when the full moon or new moon comes at the closest to the earth in its orbit. This makes it appear larger than the usual full moons or new moons. However, it is still a matter where astronomers and astrologers share different opinions. There are no certain definitions of the supermoons and some also associate it with increased risk of natural disasters. However, there are no scientific supports for the statement that super moon may result in volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.

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How Many Supermoons are There in 2023

There are four full supermoons and two new supermoons during the year 2023. Here is a list of all the next supermoon that will occur in the year 2023.  While the first half of the year 2023 will see full supermoons; the second half will have new supermoons. The technical term for this type of lunar phenomenon is perigee syzygy.

The most recent supermoon occurred in the month of August 2022 which was known as the super full moon 2022.

Super Full Moons In 2023

3rd July 2023 – UTC Time 11.38

1st August 2023 – UTC Time 31

31st August 2023 – UTC Time 35

29th September 2023 – UTC Time 9.57

The supermoon happening in the month of August is also a blue moon as it is an additional full moon occurucing in the same month.

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What is Super Sturgeon Moon

Every full moon of the different months is given a unique name. Various cultures have named full moons as per different seasons in which they appear. The August full moon is known as sturgeon moon and hence it is super sturgeon moon.

A full moon of the February is known as snow moon. When a full super moon appears in the month of February, it is called super snow moon. The northern hemisphere of the earth faces harsh winter in the month of February characterised by heavy snowfall. The snow covers the many parts like a white blanket. Hence, the February full moon is given the name of the snow.

waxing gibbous

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Super Worm Moon

We all know the full moons by different names. The full moon happening in the month of the March is known as the worm moon. When a supermoon occurs in the month of March, it is known as super worm moon. You can refer to our separate post to learn the different moon names. The name has a connection with the appearance of the earthworms during the season. The full moon is also known and Lenten season as the lent season in the Christian calendar starts after the March full moon.

Do refer to our posts on full moon schedule to learn the dates of the new moons and full moons of 2023. Other names given to different full phase moons are the pink moon, snow moon, wolf moon, cold moon, hunters moon, and harvest moon. When full supermoon happens in the month of January, it is known as super wolf moon.

What is Black Supermoon

In order to understand black supermoon, let us understand the concept of a black moon. When an additional new moon happens in a season or month, it is known as a black moon. This also means that the second new moon in a month or the third new moon of the four new moons of a season is the black moon.

When the black moon coincides with the new moon being the closest to the earth, it is known as the black supermoon. One of such moon occurred in the month of August in 2019. The black supermoon occured in August 2020 but it was not visible with the naked eye.

We are sure you are clear about the supermoon meaning and its effects. There is no clear proof of any impacts on human life and nature. However, the clear impact is that we see the full moon in its best and largest form as it is at the nearest point.

Next Supermoon Today Dates

If you want to know if it is supermoon today, this is the best place. also offers a complete list of full moon dates and new moon dates. We have also shared when is the next blue moon in the year  and 2023.

Moon is our nearest celestial object and hence attracts us the most. It has been the object of interest and study for the astrologers, astronomers, and scientists. The position and phase of the moon are used to predict the timings and course of events. However, we recommend our readers to avoid superstitions. The information shared in this post is basically for the purpose of providing next supermoon 2023 and full moon 2023 dates and times.

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