Full Moon Calendar 2021: Lunar Full Moon Calendar for 2021

full moon calendar 2021

Full Moon 2021 Complete Calendar

Check the full moon calendar to know the exact date and time of the full moon. Our website 123nextfullmoon is dedicated to providing information on full moon 2021. You will find the dates and timings of the full moon rise in different locations of the world. This post covers full moon information for all the months of the year 2021. If we have not covered your time zone, please check the UTC timings and convert them to your local time zone.

Full moon calendar 2021 tells you when is the next full moon. Full moon night is the night when the earth can see the moon as fully illuminated. Visitors can also browse our website to know the traditional names of the moon. Depending upon the phases, there are different names of the moon. The full moon of the different months is known by various names like the strawberry moon, wolf moon, pink moon etc.

Full Moon Calendar 2021 with Dates Timings

Here is a complete full moon calendar 2021 and with timings and dates. If you are looking for the full moon dates and the precise time, this lunar calendar will help you a lot.

full moon calendar 2021

Is It Full Moon Tonight

Find below the complete list of the full moon dates and timings as per UTC. Convert the time into your local time to know the precise moon rising in your region.

Next Full Moon 2021 Dates UTC TIMING
Date Time UTC Full Moon Names
28th Jan 2021, Thursday   7.18 PM Wolf Moon
27th Feb 2021, Saturday   8.19 AM Snow Moon
28th March 2021, Sunday   6.50 PM Worm Moon
27th April 2021, Tuesday   3.33 AM Pink Moon
26th May 2021, Wednesday  11.14 AM Flower Moon
24th June 2021, Thursday   6.40  PM Strawberry Moon
24th July 2021, Saturday   2.37  AM Buck Moon
22nd Aug 2021, Sunday  12.02 PM Sturgeon Moon
20th Sep 2021, Monday  11.54 PM Corn Moon /

Harvest moon

20th Oct 2021, Wednesday   2.57 PM Hunters Moon
19th Nov 2021, Friday   8.59 AM Beaver Moon
19th Dec 2021, Sunday   4.37 AM Cold Moon

full moon calendar est canada

Names of Full Moon

Above list will also show you the names of the different moons. The harvest moon is the full moon which is the closest to the fall equiniox. The autumn equinox 2021 is on 23rd September 2021. Hence the nearest full moon is September full moon and hence can be called harvest moon. Many cultures also call the full moon ocotber 2021 as harvest moon. Every full phase of the moon is given unique name in different regions and cultures. You will see a seperate post on our website related to the interesting names of different full moon 2021. Use our full moon calendar to check when is the full moon 2021 in Canada, U.K, India, and other locations around the world.

The July moon in full form is known as the thunder moon. The reason for the name is the stormy and windy weather of the summer months in the European countries. The full moon July is also known as hay moon because of the hay harvest. It is sometimes also known as buck moon but only when the moon is completely behind the earth. This allows the sun to illuminate it completely.

If you follow the lunar calendar, you are surely interested in knowing when is the next full moon. 123nextfullmoon.com provides all the information on the lunar calendar including new moons and full moons.

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Full Moon Calendar 2021 EST

Are you living in Canada and wants to know the time and the date when the full moon is going to rise? Here is the time and the date of the full moon in Canada.

Next Full Moon 2021 Dates – Full Moon Calendar
Date Time EST
28th Jan 2021   2.18 PM
27th Feb 2021   3.19 AM
28th March 2021   1.50 PM
26th April 2021   10.33 PM
26th May 2021  06.14 AM
24th June 2021   1.40  PM
25th July 2021   9.37  PM
22nd Aug 2021  7.02 AM
20th Sep 2021  6.54 PM
20th Oct 2021   9.57 AM
19th Nov 2021   3.59 AM
18th Dec 2021   11.37 pM

Our website provides you with all the full moon calendar April 2021 as well as full moon calendar July 2021. You can get information on the next full moon day on our website at any time. Just save the date of the moon calendar and keep visiting us.

Full Moon January 2021

Do you want to know when the moon will reach its fully illuminated phase during January 2021? 28th January 2021 is the first full moon day of the year 2021. The full moon January 2021 is also known as wolf moon as the wolves howl during the winters. The wolf moon is also known as ice moon, snow moon, and cold moon. In some regions, these names are also attributed to the same phase of the moon in the month of February.  This is the month which will observe the full moon after the celebrations of the winter solstice.

full moon december 2021

Full Moon July 2021

This fully illuminated phase of moon in July is also known as Buck moon. A specific name is given to the full moon of different months. The bucks shed the old antlers and get new ones during this month. Hence the full moon of July is known as buck moon.  Behind every name of the moon phase, there is a story observed by an ancient culture. Some of the reasons or stories behind the moon names are still relevant.

Full Moon April 2021

Do you want to know when the month of April 2021 will have a new moon and full moon. 27th April 2021 is the full moon day. The full moon April is given the name of pink moon. This beautiful name is given to the fully illuminated phase of moon is due to certain flowers. Pink-coloured blooms or flowers known as phlox are found in the spring season. Hence April full moon 2021 is known as pink moon. Due to the spring season, there are other names given to the same moon are egg moon, fish moon, sprouting grass moon, and paschal moon. The name paschal moon is given as the festival Easter is celebrated after this moon phase occurs.

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