Wolf Moon: Full Moon January 2021 Date and Time

wolf moon drawing

January Full Moon 2021: January Moon Phases

Wolf moon is a popular name for January full moon. In many cultures, it is also known as ice moon or old moon. Here you will learn all the myths and facts about full wolf moon. 28th January 2021 is the full moon January 2021 and also the very first full moon of the year..  123nextfullmoon.com brings interesting facts and figures about moon names. Every culture defines full moons by different names. The names of moon have different stories to tell about the region or tradition. This post will acquaint you with how the wolf is associated with the full moon of January month. Also, we have given date and timings of full moon this month for different timezones including UTC, EST, PST, IST, and Australian time.

Wolf is a wild animal mostly found wandering in the wilderness during the night. The sound of the wolf is known as howling. Hence we often associate full moon nights of January with the howling of the wolf. Wolf is also a mysterious nocturnal animal often connected with foreseeing of natural disasters. This mystery is also somehow found with the full moon nights. Though scientific reasons are clear; the impact of full moons on human life and behavior is still a mystery and myth. There are no scientific supports to prove the corelation of the moon phases and human behaviour. Also, follow us to know when is the next full moon.

Full Moon January 2021 Calendar Schedule

The full moon in January 2021 will occur on the following dates in different time zones. Check out the precise date and timing. Convert the UTC time to your local time zone to find out when is the full moon January 2021 in your region.

The below table details all the full moon January 2021 dates and timings.

 Timezones Wolf Moon Date  



UTC 28th January 2021, Thursday  19.16
Indian Time / Asia, Kolkata time 29th January 2021, Friday  00.46
Australia 29th January 2021, Friday 06.16
EST Time – New York, Atlanta, Toronto 28th January 2021, Thursday 14.16
PST Time  – California, Washington, Mexico 28th January 2021, Thursday 11.18


January 2021 Moon Phases  – Date and Time

These dates are as per UTC / GMT timezones. Please convert them into your local timezone to know the January moon phases date and time in your region.

6th January 2021, Wednesday – Last Quarter

13th January 2021, Wednesday – New Moon

20th January 2021, Wednesday – First Quarter

28th January 2021, Thursday – Full Moon

21st January 2021, Thursday is also a first quarter phase of the January moon. Keep browshing our website to know the complete moon phases of all the months.

Three Wolf Moon

You must have definitely heard the term 3 wolf moon. It is a very popular term on the internet. Three wolf moon is a design of a T-shirt that features 3 wolves in howling towards the moon. The T-shirt was designed by Antonia Nesheva and sold on Amazon.com. It became a kind of viral on the internet. The T-shirt received vague reviews like having great powers.

Men who wear three wolf moon t-shirt have a great sensual impact on women. It also has magical effects on disorders. Many such reviews and rumors made round in popular social media platforms. The T-shirt was created by The Mountain Corporation, U.S.A.

The sarcastic reviews gathered at the time of the release of the t-shirts are used to study sarcastic reviews of customers.

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Wolf Howling At The Moon

Since ages, howling of wolves is been associated with full moon. Ancient Roman and Greek mythology point towards the association of wolf and the moon.

But do wolves really how at the full moon January 2021? Let us see it from a different perspective. Wolves are nocturnal creatures and hence mostly associated with darkness and moon. Wolves actually do not keep on howling every time they open their mouth.  They may bark or growl or whimper as well. But when they howl, they face towards the sky. This special position of looking upwards while howling resulted in a myth that they send out a message to the moon.

Modern experts do not see any connection between the howling and the moon. Rather it is considered a subject for acoustic studies. The position of facing upwards is only to produce the loud sound of howling.

The reasons for howling are not any messaging to starts and moon but for their own communication. Animal experts say that wolf howling is a cry for other fellow members to meet up. It can also be a signal for any strayed member to know the location. it is also a warning and kind of alert for other to stay out of their territories.

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What is Super Wolf Moon

The full moon of the January month is known as wolf moon. However, it is known as super wolf moon when it occurs on the same day of its perigee. Perigee means the state when the moon is closest to the earth during orbiting. Full moons occurring during perigee are seen brightest than usual full moons.

Hence, super wolf moons appear brighter and larger than normal January full moons. When the full moon in January month is supermoon, it is known as super wolf moon. Supermoon is an event when the moon is at its maximum closes to the earth on its orbit. Supermoons in 2021 will occur in March and April. You will find details of supermoons in a seperate post published on our website. Just refer to the supermoon category.

Woolf and Moon Drawing

Woolf and moon drawing is one of the popular picture for artists. It is also drawn during the Halloween night celebration. The picture is one of the most loved pic related to full moon January 2021.

Here are some images to guide how to draw wolf and moon step by step. If you are passionate about drawing, howling wolf is a good option. While it is simple to draw the moon, drawing wolf is not simple for everyone.

These simple tips will help you to draw wolf and moon picture. These are the best pictures we have gathered from the internet. You can check more such pics on various image sharing websites like pinterest.com.


wolf moon drawing




wolf moon drawing

  1. Draw three circles in a slanting position. The first circle should be bigger and will be used for wolf‛s head. Rest two circles will be to show his body.
  2. Draw a curve on the lower left of the body.
  3. Draw other lines as shown in the image shared here.
  4. At the last, draw a moon just above and further to the head of the wolf.
  5. Or you can also draw a moon around the wolf. Keep the color of the wolf brown and color the moon with yellow. The surroundings can be kept dark with some white spots to show stars in the night sky.

Full moon January 2021 is given the name of wolf moon. It is the major phase after the winter sets in most of the part of the Northern Hemisphere.

We are sure you liked our post on wolf moon or full moon January 2021 and how this animal is associated with darkness and moon. The animal is rather mysterious compared to other wild creatures. Another reason is though it is less powerful than other wild animals; you can never tame a wolf. Our ancestors have gifted a mysterious connection of howling animals and omens. However, 123nextfullmoon.com tries to throw light on this information and do not promote any superstitions. Keep following us to know the different names of the moon.

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