Full Moon February 2023: Snow Moon Date Time Meaning

February Full Moon 2022 Schedule UTC

Full moon February 2022 is on 16th February 2022, Wednesday at 4.59 PM UTC time. The time of the full moon phase may differ in different time zones. The full mon of February is also known as Snow moon. This is the second full moon of the year and also occurs in the mid of the month. 123nextfullmoon.com brings date and time of all the full moons and new moons of the year.

Like every other full moon, full moon February too has its unique name. It is known as snow moon or Hunger moon or Storm moon. Each name is popular in different regions. The name snow moon is the most popular name of February full moon as the month receives heavy snowfall. Hunger moon name is popular for other obvious reasons. During winters, it was difficult to move out in search of food and hence the moon is known as hunger moon. Certain parts experience harsh snow storms and hence it is also known as storm moon.

Full Moon Schedule February 2022

Find below the time and date of full moon February 2021 as per different time zones. You may convert the time to your local time.

Full Moon February 2022 Schedule

IST – 16th February 2022, Wednesday at 10.29 PM

UTC – 16th February 2022, Wednesday at 4.59 PM

Further, we have stated the date and time of all the different moon phases occurring in the month. You may also check when is the new moon in February.

February Moon Phases

Every cycle of the moon is consisted of 8 stages. However, we have given date and time of major four moon phases of the month. It will be easier to get details of all the February moon phases at once.

New Moon February 2022 – 1st February 2022, Tuesday 5.49 AM

First Quarter – 8th February 2022, Tuesday, 1.71 PM

Full Moon February – 16th February 2022, Wednesday at 4.59 PM

Third Quarter – 23th February 2022, Thursday at 10.34 PM

As you browse our website, you will learn more about the different 8 stages of moon or lunar cycle in details.

Why February is a Special Month

There are many reasons to call February a very special month. It is the shortest month of the year. In many parts of the world including North America, it is one of the snowiest months of the year. It is the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. However, certain parts of the world receive maximum snowfall in January and December.

February is also known as the month of love and romance. The world unites in celebrating valentines day on 14th February. This is the only month that does not have same number of days every year. Every four years, the month has 29 days. Due to this many times, February happens to be a month of black moon. This happens when there is no single full moon in the month. Instead, March or January witness two full moons known as blue moon.

When is The Next Full Moon 2022

The next full moon after February occurs in March. It is on 18th March 2022, Friday. You can check the complete full moon schedule and new moon calendar published separately on our website. The March full moon is also very significant. It is the full moon that happens around the spring equinox. The date of the Easter is determined on the date of the first Sunday that happens after the first full moon of the spring equinox.

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