When Is The Next Full Moon 2021: Date Timings of Full Moon

when is the next full moon 2021

Next Full Moon Day: Is It Full Moon Tonight

Are you looking for information on when is the next full moon 2021?  The full moon phase has a special attraction for mankind from the beginning. A full moon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs on a roundabout monthly basis. It happens when the Earth comes directly between the moon and the sun. The next full moon dates information is very important for many cultures and religions. It has special significance for rituals as well. The lunar calendar is based on the full moon time and date. Also, find all the new moon 2021 dates on our website.

Many people all around the world are searching when is the next full moon. Many lunar calendars show full moon timings and date. However, full moon timings differ in different locations. We have shared here the full moon date and time as per UTC timings. Convert the UTC timings to your time zone and check when the next full moon will appear in your country. You might also be looking for full moon dates for starting any new ventures. Full moon day is considered auspicious in many cultures and traditions.

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When is the Next Full Moon Time

Find here a complete full moon schedule 2021 from January to December with dates and times. This list is a quick answer to your search related to when is the next full moon 2021.


Full Moon 2021



Full Moon Day Full Moon 2021 Timings (UTC)
29th January 2021 Thursday   7.18 PM
27th February 2021 Saturday   8.19 AM
28th March 2021 Sunday   6.50 PM
27th April 2021 Tuesday   3.33 AM
26th May 2021 Wednesday  11.14 AM
24th June 2021 Thursday   6.40  PM
24th July 2021 Saturday   2.37  AM
22nd August 2021 Sunday  12.02 PM
20th September 2021 Monday  11.54 PM
20th October 2021 Wednesday   2.57 PM
19th November 2021 Friday   8.59 AM
19th December 2021 Sunday   4.37 AM

Full Moon Effects: Myths and Facts

Was last night a full moon? When is the next full moon day? Many of you must be searching for full moon details. The reason is not the dates but its importance.

Full moon effects on human are one of the most interesting yet mysterious research subjects. Since ages, astronomers and scientists have been researching it. Spiritual gurus also consider the full moon as one of the important factor affecting mankind.

Over the years, there have been scientific studies on its effects on human behaviour. Though there is no scientific proof, the observations largely say it. The reports say elevated mental activity and psychic behaviour. It is especially observed in people suffering from mental distresses and illnesses. Epileptic patients are said to have seizures during a full moon. However, there is no scientific proof. Despite millions of studies, myths, and traditions, we do not boast of full moon effects of human. The reason it generates superstition and illogical beliefs.

What we know for sure is maybe a psychological effect of a fully illuminated moon on the human mind. It is positive. Image a beautiful night with a clear sky and a fully illuminated moon. The picture is enough to elevate the human senses with a mysterious pleasure.

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About Next Full Moon Blog

We will be soon bringing a detailed full moon calendar 2021 on our blog. You can check moon time today. Hundreds of traditions revolve around the full moon. Hence people from all over the world search for time of when is the next full moon 2021.

Our blog is dedicated to bringing information on full moon date and timings gathered from authorized sources. However, we do not guarantee accuracy due to time zone differences. Full moon today time and date largely depends on the locations. Our website also provides complete new moon calendar 2021 with all the new moon dates and timings.

Keep following us to know when is the next full moon this month. We will soon bring interesting information on full moon phases and the first day of the seasons. Likewise the moon phases, first day of winter and summer seasons are also important from astronomical and cultural viewpoints.