Full Moon December 2020: Cold Moon Date Time Meaning

full moon december 2020

December Full Moon Schedule

The full moon December 2020 falls on on the 29th day of December 2020, Tuesday EDT time. As per Universal Coordinated Time, the full cold moon occurs on 30th December. This is the last full moon of this year and the world will soon see the new year eve. The winter cold starts taking the world in Northern Hemisphere in its chilling grip. The night becomes the longest and the days are the shortest. Hence, the December full moon is called the cold moon or ice moon. It is also known as the Long Night’s moon. The last full moon was on the 30th November 2020.

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As mentioned before in our website, every full moon has a unique name. This name indicates certain feature of the particular season and region. Due to long winter nights, the full moon December 2020 is called ice moon or cold moon. Further in this post, we have stated date and time of the December full moon as per UTC, GMT, IST, and Eastern Daylight time. The moon goes through eight different stages during the lunar cycle. From new moon to last quarter, and full moon; all the phases have their unique importance in the lunar calendar.


full moon december 2020 cold moon


Full Moon December 2020 Calendar

If the time zone of your country is not covered below, do refer the UTC time. Convert it into your time zone and know the date and time of the moon rising in your region. The date and time of full moon December 2020 may differ in different time zones of the world.

December Full Moon 2020

  • EST – 29th December 2020, Tuesday at 10.28 PM
  • UTC – 30th December 2020, Wednesday at 3.30 AM
  • IST – 30th December 2020, Wednesday at 9.00 AM

Further, you can check the date and time of all the moon phases of December 2020. The full moon will appear at the end of the month.

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December Moon Phases

Find below the date and time of all the December moon phases from last quarter to full moon. The timings given here are as per UTC timings.

  1. Last Quarter phase will occur on 8th December 2020, Tuesday at 12. 37 AM UTC
  2. New Moon is on 14th December 2020, Monday at 4.18 PM UTC
  3. The first quarter phase is on 22nd December, Monday at 11.42 PM UTC
  4. Full moon is on 30th December 2020, Wednesday at 3.30 AM UTC

The December new moon appears right in the middle of the month. As the December solstice arrives, the seasonal transition takes place. The world gets under the grip of chilled weather.


full moon december 2020


Moon Names: Cold Moon

Cold moon is the most popular name of the December full moon. But the moon is also known as Long night’s moon. This name suggests the long winter nights that happen after the winter solstice takes place. Our website also covers information related to solstices and equinoxes. In some regions, full moon December is also known as ice moon.

Christmas is the major festival celebrated in December. The cold winter nights spell their magic after the mid of the month. Check out our separate post on December solstice for more information on the onset of winter season.

Full Moon 2021

December is the last month of the year and we will be soon step into the brand new year 2021. As soon as the December full moon is over, the first day of 2021 will be right there. The year 2020 will be remembered as one of the worst years for the world due the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sure the world is now hoping the best in the New Year.

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If you want to know all the full moon dates of 2021, click here. Our website offers complete full moon schedule 2021. As the year is about to end, do visit our website to know when is the next full moon, new moon 2021, is and snow moon. We are sure you love the information we are sharing on our blog.

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