November Full Moon 2020: Full Beaver Moon Date Time

november full moon 2020 date time

Full Moon November 2020 Schedule

The november full moon 2020 falls on 30th November 2020, Monday at 9.32 AM UTC. As per Eastern Time, the full beaver moon will rise at 4.30 AM on the same date. The last full moon was on 31st October 2020 and it was also a blue moon or an additional full moon of the month. Likewise, every full moon of the year, the full moon of the November is named beaver. It is also known as the frosty moon in many regions. This day indicates the arrival of the winter and frosty mornings are very common. Full moon november 2020 is the third full moon after the fall equinox of the year.

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Full moons are generally a happy and celebratory day for mankind. It lets the earth witness a completely illuminated lunar disk. After November full moon 2020, it is time for chilled winter days. We have also provided the date and time of the December solstice on our website. You can browse our website to know the first days of all the different season. Check this information under the category of the first day of the season. 123nextfullmoon also offers information on major festivals of all the seasons. Do check information about strawberry moon mid-summer festival.

November Moon Phase Today

The UTC of the full moon November 2020 will help you know the time in your location. Here we have reiterated the date and time of the November full moon 2020.

30th November 2020, Monday is full beaver moon

The full moon phase occurs on the 15th day of the month of the lunar calendar. Many cultures worldwide follow the lunar calendar and hence the moon phases are quite important. Astrologers and astronomers take a deep interest in the various moon phases and their effects. However, we do not promote any superstitions related to the full moon effects.

After the full moon phase, the new moon is the most sought after phase. Check our website for the next new moon 2020 date and time. Also, learn what is waning gibbous, waxing gibbous, waning crescent and last-quarter phases of the moon provided in a separate post.

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november full moon 2020 date time


Why November Full Moon is Beaver Moon

Every full moon is given a unique name. These names indicate certain activity or climatic feature of a particular region and season. Hence, the names may differ in different regions. November full moon 2020 is known by the name of beaver moon as well as frost moon.

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Beaver is a large rodent native to North America. It is also found in Canada and generally trapped to get fur. Their fur is pale brown to dark brown and used to manufacture warm clothing and hats for winters. November is the time to trap beavers to ensure a good supply of warm fur. Hence the November full moon is known as beaver moon. Frost moon name is popular in other regions as the day starts beginning of cold and frosty mornings.

Festivals in November 2020

Here is a list of celebrations of the November month. There are many festivals in the month but we have listed only the major ones.

  • Veterans Day – 11th November 2020, Wednesday
  • Thanksgiving Day – 26th November 2020, Thursday
  • Black Friday – 27th November 2020, Friday

India celebrates its major festival of lights called Diwali in November this year. As the cold days arrive, the world celebrates a lot before retiring for the winter holidays.

moon phases in order


beaver moon 2020 november full moon


Last Full Moon 2020

If you want to check when was the last full moon, keep visiting our website. The last full moon was seen on 31st October 2020. Our website offers a full moon calendar 2020 with date and time. Get complete information on all the new moon and full moon dates at once.  The website is created purely for informative purpose and does not boost any myths and superstitions related to moon phases.

After November full moon 2020, the next full moon will be seen on 30th December 2020. We have detailed the date and time through our separate post on full moon December 2020. It is the first full moon after the winter solstice. Full moons, equinoxes, and solstices are important astronomical events and we have attempted to provide all information related to these celestial events.

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