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Official First Day Of Spring 2021: Date | Time

first day of spring 2021

When is Happy 1st Day of Spring 2021 The official first day of spring 2021 is on 20th March 2021 in Northern Hemisphere. It is also called spring equinox. However the date and time of the 1st day of spring 2021 differs slightly in different regions of the world. According…

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Romantic Chand Shayari in Hindi | English

beautiful chand shayari in hindi

Moon Shayari in Hindi | Chand Status to Share on Whatsapp Glad to share some beautiful chand shayari sher to show how much you miss your beloved. When we are writing everything about the moon, why we should ignore moon shayari in Hindi. Moon has always been a favourite for…

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When is Winter Solstice 2020: Date and Time

winter solstice 2020 december

Winter Solstice Traditions and Festivals The date of Winter Solstice 2020 is 21st December 2020, Monday at 10.02 hours UTC. Further in this post, you will find Eastern Time as well. This largely observed astronomical phenomenon is also known as December Solstice which marks the shortest day and the longest…

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First Day of Winter 2020:1st Day of Winter in Northern Hemisphere

first day of winter 2020 USA Canada

Welcome Winter Quotes for Official First Day of Winter 2020 The first day of winter 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere is on 21st December 2020, Monday. The season ends on 21st March 2021. This day is called the official start of the winter season. However, the actual atmospheric changes may…

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Full Moon December 2020: Cold Moon Date Time Meaning

full moon december 2020

December Full Moon Schedule The full moon December 2020 falls on on the 29th day of December 2020, Tuesday EDT time. As per Universal Coordinated Time, the full cold moon occurs on 30th December. This is the last full moon of this year and the world will soon see the new year…

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November Full Moon 2020: Full Beaver Moon Date Time

november full moon 2020 date time

Full Moon November 2020 Schedule The november full moon 2020 falls on 30th November 2020, Monday at 9.32 AM UTC. As per Eastern Time, the full beaver moon will rise at 4.30 AM on the same date. The last full moon was on 31st October 2020 and it was also…

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When is Fall Equinox 2020: Date Time Meaning

fall equinox 2020 meaning time date

Autumn Equinox: Official Start of Fall in Northern Hemisphere The Fall Equinox 2020 day and timings for Northern and Southern Hemisphere are shared here! Fall Equinox is also known as September Equinox or autumn equinox. The date and time are 22nd September 2020, at 1.30 PM as per UTC. The…

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When is Summer Solstice 2021 – Date and Timings

  Happy Summer Solstice 2021 Time Meaning Are you curious to know when is summer solstice in the USA, UK, India, Ireland, and other parts of the world? The longest day of the year 2021 will be happening in June on different dates and times in various regions of the…

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When is the First Day of Summer 2021 – Date and Timings

official first day of summer

1st Day of Summer Season in Northern Hemisphere The first day of summer 2021 is on 20th June 2021 EDT and 21st June 2021 UTC. Find all the dates and timings of beginning of summer season as per different time zones in the Northern Hemisphere. This post elaborates dates, timings…

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