Full Moon March 2023: Worm Moon

full moon march 2022 schedule

When is The Next Full Moon of March 2022

Full moon March 2022 occurs on 18th March 2022, Friday at 7.20 AM UTC and 3.17 AM Eastern Time. You may convert the UTC or Eastern time to your local time zone. This is the full moon that is the nearest to the spring equinox 2022. The nature and mankind is waiting for spring and the many rituals are followed with the arrival of spring. Likewise every other full moon, the March full moon is given a unique name. While the most popular name is Worm moon, there are many other regional names that you would love to know.

The full moon March 2022 and March equinox are of great importance. The dates of their occurrence determine the dates of many celebrations and rituals. Naming the brightest moons is a tradition in Native America. The names are mostly showcasing a particular behavior of the nature or animals during the month or season. As the spring arrives, earthworms start appearing and hence the moon of March is known as Worm moon.

Full Worm Moon 2022

Here are some of the most common names given to the full moon of March. We are sure you would love to know them.

Worm moon

Crust moon

Sap moon

Sugar moon

Crow moon

Spring moon

Chaste moon

Warming Moon

Most of the names indicate the arrival of spring. As the snow becomes crusty due to changing weather, it is called crust moon. The name crow moon indicates the appearing of crow and other birds as the snowfall withdraws.

The date of the major Christian festival called Easter is also determined based on the full moon March and spring equinox. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday that happens to be after the first full moon that occurs after spring equinox. Since the march full moon is not after spring equinox, Easter is celebrated in April after the occurrence of the full moon after March equinox.

full moon schedule 2022

Full Moon March 2022 

This year, the full moon March 2022 is on 18th March Friday 2022. However it is very close to the date of vernal equinox. It occurs before the spring equinox and hence the first full moon of spring is in April. The next full moon is in April on 16th April 2022, Saturday. The full moon April is known as pink moon or egg moon.

Spring equinox is an astronomical event that marks the beginning of the spring season in Northern Hemisphere. On this day, the official first day of spring is also celebrated in many parts of the world. However, the countries located in Southern Hemisphere experience the arrival of autumn.

Moon Phases March Schedule

Find below dates of all the moon phases in March 2022. You can also browse our website to learn all the new moon dates of the year.

New Moon – 2nd March 2022, Wednesday at 17.35 UTC

First Quarter – 10th March 2022, Thursday at 10.45 UTC

Full Moon – 18th March 2022, Friday at 7.17 UTC

Last Quarter – 25th March 2022, Friday at 5.37 UTC

Regardless of the fact that the March full may occur before or after the spring equinox, it is mostly seen as the indication of arrival of spring season. We are sure you know everything about full moon march 2022.

March Full Moon in India

In India, Hindu calendar based on lunar cycle is followed wherein days are referred as Tithi. The full moon of March in India is a full moon of Fagun month as per Hindu lunar calendar. They celebrate the festival of colour known as Holi on this date. A huge pire is lit and a mythical diety named Holika is worshipped. The next day is celebrated with colours and coloured water. Loved ones are welcomed by spraying coloured water or powder known as Gulal. Full moon March is coinciding with this festival in India. Find when is the full moon June 2022.

Keep following us to know the complete full moon schedule as well as new moon schedule of every month. Full moon is a night of celebration in different parts of the world in different ways. Our website also tells you about famous full moon festivals.

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