Strawberry Moon Mid-Summer Festival: Full Moon June 2023

full moon june 2023 dates

When is Strawberry Moon Festival 2023

Learn when strawberry moon festival is and how it is celebrated. The full moon June 2023 will happen on 4th June 2023,  Sunday at 03.41 hours according to the UTC timings. The post offers more information on the name given to the full moon of the month. offers complete full moon schedule for 2023. The full lunar disk is an important time for mankind. Many cultures across the world follow the lunar calendar and celebrate festivals as per lunar schedule. Also, learn about the summer solstice or the first day of summer, harvest moon and hunters moon.

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The full moons are considered auspicious for mankind and nature. The earth witnesses a moon that is completely illuminated. The brightness of the moon at its peak and the cheerful shining night sky also make mankind happy. As per the lunar calendars, the full moons are the best times to do something good. Hence, many cultures get engaged in activities like harvesting and celebrating on full moon nights. Keep visiting our website to know all the full moon dates and new moon dates.

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Schedule of Full Moon June 2023

Here we have mentioned the date and time of the strawberry full moon for the year 2023. The full moon appearing in June is known as the strawberry moon. Every full moon is given a unique name indicating weather or certain activity of the season.

  1. Full moon June 2023 – 4th June 2023, Sunday at 63.41 as per UTC Time

The strawberry moon name is given to the full moon of the June due to the ripening of strawberries. The June month is also known as Rose Moon, Mead Moon. It is also known as the hot moon in certain regions due to the hot summer days of June. The Northern Hemisphere experiences start of the hot summer days from June. Strawberry moon spiritual meaning is also important for many cultures in the world including astrologers.

full moon june 2023 dates

What is the Swedish Midsummer Festival

Midsummer is a famous Swedish festival celebrated at the start of the summer season. It is one of the major holidays in Sweden. The day witnesses picking flowers and creating floral crowns to wear on this day.

Apart from Sweden, many countries and cultures celebrate this festival during the summer solstice. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year and begins the summer season. Most of the European countries as well as Brazil celebrate this festival. The date of the mid-summer festal varies every year. It mostly falls on any day between 20th to 26th of June. In Sweden, it is observed as midsummer Eve with many activities like dancing. Many rituals and beliefs are followed in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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What is Strawberry Solstice

Strawberry solstice is also known as summer solstice or June solstice. It is the longest day of the entire year and it also marks the start of summer. The day is celebrated by feasting on strawberry solstice cake. People wear floral crowns and eat delicious food. Many recopies are made using fresh strawberries. We are sure you are happy with strawberry moon and solstice information

strawberry is one of the major fruit of the summer season. It is very much loved for its attractive colour, sweetness, and aroma. It is largely used in preparation of juices, ice creams, cakes, cookies, smoothies, jam, and chocolates. It is grown in many European and Asian countries and also the major food of mid summer festival. Strawberry flavour is also liked in various cosmetic products and food colours.

Summer Solstice: The First Day of Summer Season

The summer solstice is different from the strawberry moon day. It is the day when the earth receives sunlight for the maximum number of hours. Mostly, the date of the summer solstice s 23rd or 21st or 22nd June. Sometimes, it is also 24th June in some regions. The date of the first day of summer varies every year and in different time zones. The summer solstice happens in Northern Hemisphere in June but in the Southern Hemisphere, it happens in December.

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Learn about spring equinox too on our blog.

In many regions of Europe, the June solstice happens in the mid of the summer and known as midsummer. But in some calendars, it is known as the beginning of the summer. We are sure you are clear about the strawberry moon 2023 meaning and importance. The full moon June 2023 dates will help you to know when to celebrate your rituals and festivals. Keep visiting us to know what are the dates of the winter solstice, fall equinox, and next supermoon.

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