Full Moon April Dates 2024 – Full Pink Moon

april full moon pink moon 2024
full moon April 2024 pink moon schedule

April Full Moon 2024 Phase Date and Time

Check full moon April 2024 dates and time. You will also find  April  full moon 2021 dates and time for various locations. The pink moon is the name given to the full moon of the April month that will occur on the 23rd April 2024, Tuesday at 7.49 PM EST, 23rd of April 2024, Tuesday at 11.49 PM UTC. Further in this post, we have shared the date and time of the pink moon for Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and the USA. This full moon is also known as egg moon and paschal moon. The festival of Easter falls in the same month on Sunday that falls after the first full moon of the month.

Every full moon is given different names by different cultures. The pink moon name is given to the full moon of the April month. This name is mainly due to the appearance of the pink flowers at the arrival of the spring season. Every full moon name signifies certain characteristic of the particular season or month. Full pink moon or full moon April 2021 and 2021 dates are shared in this post. You can check the time and date in your region based on the UTC shared here. We have given time and date as per IST, EST, and other time zones for your ready reference.

When is April Full Moon 2024

Find below the date and time of the full moon April for different time zones around the world. Our websites also share the new moon dates for all the seasons and months.

Full Moon April Dates and Time – 2024

UTC Time Canada – Toronto – Ontario Australia – Sydney USA – EST Time India – IST New Zealand – Wellington

23rd April 2024

11.49 PM

23rd April 2024

07.48 PM

24th April 2021

09.48 AM

23rd April 2024

7.49 PM

24h April 2024

5.21 AM

24th April 2024

11.49 AM

When is Pink Moon 2024: Spiritual Meaning of Pink Moon

Pink moon is the name given to the full moon April. The date and time of the pink moon are the same as the date and time of the full moon 2024 of April month.

The pink moon signifies the renewal and reproduction and rebirth. The season signifies the reproduction and renewal as it is the spring season. The new buds appear on the trees and it is the mating season for many species. The Christian religion celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. Yet again, it is about rebirth or rising from death.

After the chilling and miserable winter is over, the spring season brings new hopes for human being as well. Every different moon names signify something and we have tried our best to provide you with this information. If you are feeling low in your life due to some reason, it is the time to wake as the full moon April is all about waking up in happiness and joy.

What is Paschal Moon

Paschal moon falls in April and is the 14th day of the lunar month ecclesiastical. The name paschal is due to the festival of Easter observed on the Sunday after the full moon. The first full moon of the spring season determines the date of the Easter festival or the Passover feast. The Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring equinox. The spring equinox is in March and also the very first day of the spring season.

123nextfullmoon also provides information on various full moon names. It also offers information on different festivals related to the moon. Mid-autumn festival is the Chinese moon festival celebrated in September or October. It is also known as moon cake festival and celebrated on the night of the full moon only.

We are sure full moon April 2024 information with date and time are right for you. We would also like to recommend or visitors to check the new moon and full moon dates on our website. Learn what is a supermoon and when is the next blue moon this year. April moon will be followed by full moon May and June and we will be soon publishing next full moon schedule too.

full moon april pink moon 2024

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