Full Moon Names: Know All Different Names for Moon

full moon names

Other Names for Moon

Our planet is incomplete without lovely presence of the moon. The nearest neighbor is given different moon names. You will be surprised to learn the full moons in every month are given a unique name. This post is written to educate you about all the names of the moons. 123nextfullmoon.com is an informative portal dedicated to providing all information on our satellite. While we focus on full moon dates and next full moon calendar, we also cover all interesting information on the moon. You can use our website to know when is the next full moon date.

Before we start sharing all the different moon names, let us inform you that every culture and language might have their own names for the moon. The names are given as per the phases or the month. Generally, the names of the full moon are defined as per the month in which it occurs. Check how all the full moons during the whole year are named. You would love to know the names and the reasons behind the names.

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Native American Full Moon Names List

Here is a complete list of the moon names. This list is given month-wise for greater clarity. You would be excited to know that all the full moons in occurring in different months have unique names.

Moon Names By Month

The month of the Year


Name of the Moon
January Wolf Moon
February Snow Moon
March Worm Moon
April Pink Moon
May Flower Moon
June Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon
July Buck Moon or Thunder Moon
August Sturgeon Moon
September Harvest Moon and Corn Moon
October Hunters Moon
November Beaver Moon
December Cold Moon


Meanings of Full Moon Names

Do you want to know why these full moons are given unique names? Here we have given the reasons behind these interesting names. The list of the full moon names is already shared above. The names of the full moons are quite obvious and clear to understand.

These names are given by the traditional tribes of ancient America. In earlier days, people used to identify the seasons by name of the moons.


full moon names


The January full moon, known as wolf moon is named after the howling wolfs in the chilled winters. In February month, the snow covers the land and hence the name is given. However, many times February does not have full moons. It happens after every 19 years.

During March, the spring starts approaching slowly and the worms start appearing in the soil. Hence, the full moon in early March is known as worm moon.  The April full moon is called pink moon because the flora blooming in the month is pink coloured. One of the most beautiful full moon names is the strawberry moon or rose moon. It occurs in the month of May when strawberry picking starts in Europe.

The buck moon gets this name in reference to the buck deer that come out during this month. Due to the frequency of the thunderstorms, it is also called thunder moon.

Sturgeon is a large fish that thrives in August in rivers and temperate sea waters in Eurasia. The fish is of high commercial importance and hence the August full moon is named as sturgeon moon. While the beaver moon suggests thriving of beavers in this season, the harvest moon suggests the harvesting activities. The hunter moon is called so because of the season of hunting in October at the dawn of fall. The cold moon suggests the onset of cold winter.

Thus, all the full moon names are suggestive of certain activity happening during the month. Full moons are often related to our traditions. 123nextfullmoon.com brings all information related to the full moon names and moon phases. Stay with us and know when is the next full moon.

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