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When is the Next September Full Moon 2023

Harvest moon is on 29th September 2023,  and the name given to the full moon of the September month. A full moon that happens to be the nearest one to the autumnal equinox is called harvest moon. The harvest name suggests the beginning of the harvest activities with the autumnal equinox. This full moon occurs during the need of the month of September. We have also published all the different moon names on our blog.

123nextfullmoon.com is bringing everything you want to know about full moon calendar. This post tells you the facts, dates, and meaning of this term. Which traditions are associated with the harvest moon and why?

Harvest Moon 2023 Date Time and Meaning

Generally, the full moon occurring in the month of September is known as harvest moon. With the start of the fall, many jubilant activities start. Many festivals, rituals, and agricultural activities are on rise. People as well animals start celebrating and collecting comforts before the chilled winter arrive. The full moon October is known as hunters moon.

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When is the Harvest Moon 2023

The harvest moon or the full moon September 2023 will occur on 20th of September 2023. The date may differ in different time zones. Find timings of September full moon. Generally, the full moon that is nearest to the fall equiniox is called harvest moon.

Time Zone / Region September Full Moon Date September Full Moon Timing
UTC 29th  September 2023, Friday 9.58 AM
US Eastern Time 29th September 2023, Friday 05.58 AM
IST (India) 29th September 2023, Friday 3.28 PM

The Harvest Moon Meaning

Full moon occurs at interval of every 29.53 days. This makes it a monthly phenomenon of our nearest celestial neighbor. Every year, the moon completes monthly cycle making them 12. Harvest moon is has a unique meaning as it begins the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The harvest name to this full moon in September is given to suggest the start of fall. Fall season brings colorful nature at its full glow. Agricultural activities are on high before the winters arrive. Many festivals like moon-cake festival in China, Sharad Purnima in India are celebrated on this full moon night. The full moon in September rises at the time of the sunset. People in Asia celebrating this night wait for the moon to rise. They celebrate and distribute sweets after the moon-rise. The harvest full moon is highly illuminated for quite a few days.

When it is a harvest full moon, the time of moon-rise is almost same for few days. On other full moons, the time of moon-rise is not same. It differs by 30 to 50 minutes day by day. The reason is that the moon is revolving around the Earth. It moves by 12 degrees towards east. But around the start of the autumn, the moon‛s orbit is the most parallel to the eastern zone. This results in minimum time difference of rising each day i.e. around 20-23 minutes. Hence, around September full moon, maximum illumination of the moon is received by us.

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Best Harvest Moon Games

Game developers have created video games named after the harvest moon. If you are an avid gamer, we share here a list of harvest video games.

  1. Friends of Mineral Town
  2. Story of Seasons
  3. Magical Melody
  4. Rune Factory 4
  5. A New Beginning (3DS)
  6. Our Love Will Grow
  7. My time at Portia

There are many other harvest games available online. You can also check on youtube for the short video information on these games. Harvest moon games is a series of multiple farm life simulation video games.

After this full illuminated phase, the next full moon is hunters moon. Hunters moon occurs in October month. Know in details about the full moon October. We will be soon bringing more interesting beliefs and facts about full moons. Almost every part of the world is interested in knowing if last night was a full moon night. Many also search for the next full moon date. People believe this night as auspicious and the best day to start new ventures. We would love to know any interesting tradition in your culture related to harvest moon.

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