When is Summer Solstice 2021 – Date and Timings

  Happy Summer Solstice 2021 Time Meaning Are you curious to know when is summer solstice in the USA, UK, India, Ireland, and other parts of the world? The longest day of the year 2021 will be happening in June on different dates and times in various regions of the…

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When is the First Day of Summer 2021 – Date and Timings

official first day of summer

1st Day of Summer Season in Northern Hemisphere The first day of summer 2021 is on 20th June 2021 EDT and 21st June 2021 UTC. Find all the dates and timings of beginning of summer season as per different time zones in the Northern Hemisphere. This post elaborates dates, timings…

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Strawberry Moon Mid-Summer Festival: Full Moon June 2021

strawberry moon festival 2020

When is Strawberry Moon Festival 2021 Learn when strawberry moon festival is and how it is celebrated. The full moon June 2020 will happen on 24th June 2021, Thursday at 18.40 hours according to the UTC timings. The post offers more information on the name given to the full moon of…

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Full Moon April Dates 2021-2022 – Full Pink Moon

full moon april 2021 pink moon

April Full Moon 2021 Phase Date and Time Check full moon April 2021 dates and time. You will also find  April  full moon 2021 dates and time for various locations. The pink moon is the name given to the full moon of the April month that will occur on the…

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Spring Equinox 2021: Date & Time Worldwide

spring equinox 2021 date time

Vernal Equinox 2021 Calendar: Equinox Meaning and Definition Are you looking for date and time of spring equinox in your region? Equinoxes are an astronomical phenomenon which occurs twice during a year. The Spring Equinox is the official start of the spring season. Our post details on the exact date…

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Next Supermoon: 2021 Dates for Next Supermoon

next supermoon

When Is Supermoon 2021 From January to December Do you want to know when is the next supermoon? And how many full moon supermoon are there in 2021? The post provides a full list of all the full and new supermoons occurring from January to December. The supermoon is a…

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When is The Next Blue Moon 2020 and How it Happens

when is the next blue moon

October Blue Moon 2020 Date Do you want to know when is the next blue moon or is there a blue moon this year? Blue moon happens when an additional full moon appears in a single month. It simply means having two full moons in one calendar month. The year…

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Full Moon Schedule 2021: Learn Moon Schedule Today

full moon schedule 2021

All Full Moon Phases January to December The full moon schedule for the year 2021 are shared here for ready reference. If you are looking for the full moon dates and want to know if it is moon tonight, stay here. A full moon 2021 is a lunar phase when…

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Full Moon Calendar 2021: Lunar Full Moon Calendar for 2021

full moon calendar 2021

Full Moon 2021 Complete Calendar Check the full moon calendar to know the exact date and time of the full moon. Our website 123nextfullmoon is dedicated to providing information on full moon 2021. You will find the dates and timings of the full moon rise in different locations of the…

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